Watch and participate

Spectators are very welcome on all three days. It is free to attend. Besides watching the players compete on the course it will be possible to try disc golf related activities in vicinity of the course: Learn different tricks, throws, putts and win prizes. Please visit the tournament center in the tent close to the course for more information.

Friendly reminders

As in traditional golf the players are extremely focused during play so we urge spectators to stay quiet during throws/putts and to keep their phones on silent mode. We invite everyone to gather around the holes to watch the tournament, but ask for people not to cross the field of play during action.


Parkingspots close to the venue are limited and priority for players and staff. Visitors should park on the roadside out to the main road without blocking emergency services or work trucks. If possible to ride together its good or Uber like services if you live on a hotel close to the venue.
The parking situation might change since the building of the graveyard is constantly changing.