You will play the famous Järva Open Masters layout 18 Hole course with open and wooded holes both long and short with the legendary Mats and Jonas’s touch on every tree and bush.


All tee signs are marked with the tournament logo, hole number, distance and par.

It is always the tournament tee signs which are in effect and not the smaller rectangle signs on the wooden tee stands.

Please note that some of the holes for the tournament are different from the permanent course descriptions on the smaller rectangle signs to satisfy the demands of the tournament and the pro touring players.

Caddy Book
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Hole 1 has OB on the left all the way to the basket and continuing up to the road behind the basket. OB is marked with white stakes. OB throw is taken from the point of crossing designated by the group.

OB fence right side. A steep slope behind the basket can cause a lost disc. Take care and you have up to 3 minutes to find the lost disc or a rethrow from previous lie or tee.

OB from the tee all the way up to the basket on the left and then around the back of the basket. OB is marked with white stakes.

OB on the left and on the road to the right.

Any throw from the Tee must come to rest on the island green to be able to be marked as safe on the island green. Throws from the Tee that don’t come to rest on the island green must proceed to the Drop Zone with a penalty throw. All subsequent throws from the drop zone or island green normal OB rules apply.

OB on the left to protect hole 7 and OB on the right to protect hole 3.  Normal OB rules apply if out-of-bounds. There is OB long behind the basket marked by a fence not shown on the hole map.

OB on the left along the entire fairway. OB on the right by the fence behind all the bushes.  Normal OB rules apply.
Please wait until players on the hole 8 tee have thrown and left the tee before throwing.

No OB here but a lot of bushes and thorns. A lost disc is a risk and players have 3 minutes to look for each disc.  Spotters will be available and mark discs if possible.
If unable to stand and mark the disc then the use of rule 803.02 can be applied here.

OB on left side. Hole 9 will have precedence for speed of play.

OB on hole 10. There is some heavy bushes behind the basket and the tee on hole 4 might be in range.   There is a definite risk of rollaway on this green.

No OB on hole 11 but it might be difficult to see the basket from the tee so please double check that the card in front are clear and moved on to the next hole before you throw.

OB on the right side of the fairway protecting players on hole 16. Spotters will be assisting with watching where discs cross and land.  Normal OB rules apply.

OB marked by white stakes on both sides of the fairway all the way from tee to the basket. Spotters will be assisting with letting players know it is clear to throw and marking discs and any OB throws. You play opposite to hole 16s fairway so heads up goes both ways.  Normal OB rules apply.

OB on the left until the girdle at 120 meters then there is an OB path followed by OB both left and right all the way to the basket since hole 15 plays opposite hole 14s fairway. Spotters will assist with marking discs and any OB throws.  Normal OB rules apply.

OB on the right side of the fairway protecting hole 14s fairway. Mandatory must be passed on the right side. Next throw is taken from Drop Zone if the mandatory is missed.

OB on both right and left of the fairway marked with white stakes. Normal OB rules apply. Please watch out for possible throws crossing from both hole 12 and 13.

OB road to the right.  Normal OB rules apply.

OB road to the right. The OB line follows the fence along the building and the roof down by the road is also considered OB.  Normal OB rules apply.


Bistro Järva

The bistro will be open and serve food and drinks during the entire event.

Discgolf Shop

The Järva DGP shop will be open selling discs, bags and anything you might need for the tournament for players and visitors.


Toilets are available in the Bistro and there will portable toilets in various locations around the course.

Welcome Hotel – 2km away
Scandic Kista – 3km away


Parking spots close to the venue are limited and priority is for players and staff. Visitors should park on the roadside out to the main road without blocking emergency services or work vehicles (see yellow highlighted areas).

If possible, ride-share or use Uber/taxi like services if you are staying at a hotel venue close to Järva.

The parking situation might be further impacted by the current ongoing building project.

Alternative parking is available on the other side of the freeway.